The Power of One Little Zero

A Virginia woman told lottery officials that she was so excited when scratched part of a Virginia Lottery Emerald Green lottery ticket and believed she had won $10,000 from the game that she was dancing through her house.
Uh…where was that comma amongst the zeros? Sharon Revell scratched more of the ticket and learned she actually had a ticket worth more, according to a release from the Virginia Lottery. She started to feel ill and her husband had to scratch the rest of the ticket, which was actually worth 10 times more than she thought originally. She had won $100,000.
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In multi-state lottery games, Mega Millions wasn’t hit last night so it continues its slow growth. Powerball, while low, is nothing to sneeze at for tonight’s drawing.

$70,000,000 est
Cash Option:$43,800,000

$12,000,000 est
Cash Option:$8,800,000