His Lottery Winnings Go to The Birds

Last week I told you about a Georgia Lottery winner who was planning on raising turkeys and chickens with his winnings. Now a California Lottery winner is also "going to the birds" with his winnings.
According to the San Jose Mercury News, California Lottery winner Mark Brown said when he was asked what he would do with his winnings, "I think I'll buy some more chickens…and I might buy a Teacup pig, too."
The 50 year old former car salesman was already raising chickens in his back yard in San Jose CA when he bought two $10 Scratchers game tickets on Christmas Eve and discovered one was worth $1 million. After taxes, he said he'll get about $750,000.

Brown did the smart thing

Mark Brown waited almost 7 weeks to redeem his winning ticket while he consulted with a lawyer and accountant on how to make the money last and grow.
He doesn't have an investment plan, at least not yet, but the single father wants to spend some on his two daughters and he wants to add more chickens to the 25 he already has at home in unincorporated Santa Clara County, CA.
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