When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?

This is a classic example of a loaded question; a question which contains a controversial or unjustified assumption ( e.g., a presumption of guilt). North Carolina lawmakers have now introduced a loaded question bill in the legislature known as the Honest Lottery Act. Was the North Carolina Educational Lottery ever dishonest? Absolutely not!

According to WRAL.com, a bill filed by a bipartisan group of North Carolina lawmakers would place restrictions on lottery advertising and remove the word "education" from the state gambling enterprises formal title. Both Democrats and Republicans sponsored The Honest Lottery Act, HB 156. The bill would block the lottery from advertising at high school and college athletic events.

"We would never, ever do high schools," said Alice Garland, director of the state lottery. For a time, lottery advertising was banned from UNC campuses. The current UNC president, Thomas Ross, reversed that policy and there is lottery advertising on a handful of campuses' sporting events now, including UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University.

"We don't sell tickets there," Garland said. And the advertising is aimed at letting people know about the portion of lottery proceeds that go to support university scholarships. "We think that's a very good message for a college venue," she said.

As for the part of the measure that would removed the word education form the title of the North Carolina Education Lottery, Garland called that, "a mistake. "I think it plays right into the public impression that the legislature is spending the money on something other than education," she said.

My read on this is the legislative leaders have some undisclosed future plans to divert lottery generated funds for some other pet project. Taking “Education” out of the lottery’s name will deflect future criticism when it happens. They believe voters have short memories.
I feel for the NCEL employees and Director Garland. I know from experience that every time you deal with legislators, logic gets twisted and you are left wanting to take a shower to wash off their stench.
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