Always Check Your Lotto Tickets!

Spring cleaning just paid off in a big way for a Canada couple.

Glenn and Jenny Dennis found a 10-month-old Lotto Max ticket in a desk drawer while organizing some income tax papers earlier this month. They checked the ticket and discovered they'd won $500,000.

"I'm horrible for checking tickets," Glenn said in an interview. "I still have a bunch of them to check."

The couple bought the ticket for the $50-million July 6, 2012, draw during a camping trip near Leoville last summer, then lost track of it.

Winners have one year from the lottery draw date to claim their prizes, according to Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

Glenn, who farms just north of Meadow Lake, and Jenni, an insurance broker, plan on paying off some personal debt and taking their three children on a vacation when this year's harvest is finished.

Glenn said he doesn't buy lottery tickets until the jackpot reaches the $30-million-to-$40-million range. He might have missed out on other paydays.

"I found four or five tickets from 2011 in my truck that I had to throw away," he said.
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Both multi-state lotto games are over the $100 Million mark. Tonight’s Mega Millions is smaller with Powerball right ahead of it.
$140,000,000 est
Cash Option:$91,300,000

$103,000,000 est
Cash Option:$77,900,000