Lottery Gets a Kwikie Marketing Lesson

What do you call your instant scratch game? Instants? Scratchers? A single memorable word is for the brand ar better than “Instant Lottery Scratch game”. right?

Maine Lottery players can still get instant scratch lottery tickets, but they can't get "Kwikies."
The Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations announced Monday that the state's instant tickets will not be branded as "Kwikies."

A few weeks ago, the Maine Lottery sent a pamphlet out to its 1,300 retailers, saying it plans to name the tickets “Kwikies.”

“I thought that’s going to be real uncomfortable for my girls behind the register to have guys come in and say ‘Hey, give me a Kwikie,’” said David Welch, a Maine lottery retail agent.

Director Gerry Reid that the initial response to the new brand name was positive, but that it quickly became apparent that the suggestive name was offensive. The slang term "quickie" refers to a sexual encounter, and the lottery name didn't go over well.

As Reid put it, "the negative concerns were clear" after getting feedback on the branding proposal. The name was never officially implemented by the Maine State Lottery.
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