Gibbs Has Rules - Followup

As I reported earlier, a wheelchair-bound Virginia man had his lottery winnings stolen last week, but today he says he feels richer in more ways than one.

According to WVEC, Kenneth Jones' misfortune touched many people and Monday he was surprised with a check for $500. Amy Hines delivered the check on behalf of a group called "Nawty Dawg Big Heart." Hines created the group, which has over 7000 facebook fans, some of whom donated money when they read about Jones' story.

"The group wanted to promote Jones' act of kindness and let him know that we wanted to celebrate what he did before all of the bad things happened," said Hines.

When Jones won $500 from the lottery, he gave two cashiers at Mo's Convenience Store of Newport News, VA, $50 each. He then gave $5 to a woman short on cash and spent $20 on more lottery tickets. On his way home, somebody stole the rest of his winnings.

Still my rule applies, ” When you win, keep your mouth shut!”