Dog-Gone It! These guys had all the luck!

A group of University of Utah workers will split $1 million in lottery winnings thanks to a set of keys left in a truck and an ornery little dog named "Stella."

According to AP news reports, after playing the same numbers every month for 13 years the group of 33 workers who work on heating and cooling university buildings struck big money in the Idaho Lottery when Steve Hughes left his truck running to keep his dog "Stella" warm while he went inside to a gas station near Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, on Jan. 6. Since Utah has no lottery ( a Mormon thing undoubtedly) they play in Idaho.

When he came back to his truck, his miniature pincher had locked him out by hitting her paw on the manual lock. Hughes, 29, planned to buy the ticket elsewhere, but instead he had his girlfriend bought it at the gas station while he tried to get into the truck.

Finally Stella to put her paws on the electronic window opener, allowing Hughes to get in the truck.

That delay which was a real pain turned into luck when the group discovered Wednesday night that they had won second prize worth a cool $1 Million in the Idaho Powerball game.

I hope the players had a good but simple Group Play agreement. I’ll be telling you how to do it right in my soon-to-be-released booklet titled, “Avoiding Lawsuits: A Guide to Group Lottery Play”

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