We've won the lottery! Must be time to sue!

I've kept it no secret I'm writing a few books for lottery players. One is called "The Guide for Group Lottery play - Avoiding Lawsuits". It’s not quite ready for publication but once again we find former friends are suing over a group lotto win, this time in Indiana.

Eight stylists from Lou’s Creative Styles salon in Indianapolis pitched into a pool for the Hoosier Lottery. The woman selected to purchase for the group says she also bought a number of tickets for herself. She won the $9.5 million jackpot with what she is claiming was her own ticket, separate from the pool.

Now, the other seven stylists are trying to get their share of the jackpot. They have filed for a restraining order to freeze the jackpot, pending proof that the woman did in fact purchase her ticket independently. This will be the responsibility of a judge for Marion County, Indiana.

Attorney Scott Montross, who is representing the seven women, told WTHR-TV that they are trying “to slow down the train until we can figure things out.” He later told the Indianapolis Star that “We are concerned that the winning ticket may have been purchased with the group’s money… There’s a dispute about it, but until there is something more definitive, we were trying to keep a low profile.”

In the meantime, $9.5 million remain in the hands of the Hoosier Lotto. Spokesman Al Larsen said, “We’ll just stand by and look forward to paying that prize at some moment… That’s all you can do.”

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In the multi-state lotto games Mega Million rolled last night. Tonight’s Powerball drawing is for a nice chunk of change.

$80,000,000 est
Cash Option:$50,000,000

$13,000,000 est
Cash Option:$9,500,000