Not excited about small Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots? Look to your state lotto game.

Yawn. Both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are back close their minimum amounts. You’re not excited to play the lotto? Look to your state specific lotto games.
While Powerball and Mega Millions have those sexy large jackpots, they also carry extremely long odds of winning.
Many state lotto jackpots are sizable and have far better odds of winning…in many cases 10 to 20 time better odds of winning than the big multi-state games.
As of this writing here’s a sample of state lottery jackpots:

Arizona’s “The Pick” - $3.4 Million
California’s Super Lotto - $21 Million
Florida Lotto - $16 Million
Indiana’s Hoosier Lotto - $9 Million
New York Lotto - $17.7 Million
Texas Lotto - $14 Million
Ohio Classic Lotto - $27.9 Million

You have far better odds of winning one of these jackpots than the multi-state games. Play your state lotto!