Won The Lottery? No Welfare For You!

A Michigan state agency has removed more than 500 lottery winners from certain welfare programs because of a new Michigan law that cross-references winners with recipients of some types of aid.
But the Department of Human Services says many more welfare cases could be ended if what it calls “loopholes” were closed, or if laws were altered or expanded.
The Department of Human Services on Monday issued a report that covers findings from April through December 2012.
It relates to a law signed last April that requires the state to match a list of those who win $1,000 or more in the lottery with current DHS assistance recipients.
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In the multi-state lotto games, there was no jackpot winner last night in Powerball. Friday’s Mega Millions game has a slightly smaller jackpot but still leads on the cash option.
$95,000,000 est
Cash Option:$61,300,000

$83,000,000 est
Cash Option:$62,500,000