Don't be stupid, Cupid!

Today is February 13th. A day when lots of guys realize that, “Crap! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.”
Candy? Card? Roses? Or you could be a true romantic and get her a lottery ticket. (Guys, this only works if the ticket wins)
So while you rush to get that gift, go ahead and put a lottery ticket in the card. I’d suggest one of the popular “For Life” instant scratch games that pay a set amount per week for life. It seems that most lotteries offer them now. The Illinois Lottery just introduced an entire instant product line like this called “The Good Life” with tickets from $1 to $10 in price.

On to the multi-state lottery jackpots. They are still low but continue to roll and grow.

$50,000,000 est
Cash Option:$31,400,000
$20,000,000 est
Cash Option:$14,600,000