Lottery Winner back in Court - The Lawyers will be the only winners.

According to, an Indianapolis hairdresser, blocked last month from collecting a $9 million Hoosier Lottery jackpot in a dispute with seven former co-workers, says claims she has proof the winning ticket was not among those she purchased with money pooled by the group.

Christina “Christy” Shaw also contends in a recent court filing that no one at Lou’s Creative Styles in Lawrence ever informed her the person buying tickets for the group could not purchase personal tickets at the same time or location.

That unwritten “rule” was a key argument made by seven former co-workers who asked Marion Superior Court Judge Heather Welch to block the lottery from paying the jackpot to Shaw.

In court documents filed by her attorney, Shaw claims she often bought personal tickets at the same time she purchased tickets for the pool.

The winning ticket in the Feb. 16 drawing was purchased at 2:28 p.m. at a Speedway at 8102 E. 21st. St. It was included, according to court documents, on a Hoosier Lottery ticket with four sets of numbers, including “personal” numbers Shaw regularly selected based on the birthday and ages of her children and grandchildren.

Two of the sets of numbers on that ticket were quick picks and one of those produced the winning numbers: 5, 8, 17, 21, 23 and 33.

Shaw’s filing includes copies of other tickets, one purchased at 2:26 p.m. at the same Speedway, that included 27 sets of quick-pick numbers. She claims those were purchased with $20 from the pool’s money and $7 in winnings from a previous drawing.

Sounds to me like she has a solid case for the fact the winning ticket was hers. Lottery records don’t lie, and if the winning ticket was a mix of quick picks and selected numbers, she should walk away with all the money. Unwritten rules have little weight. Of course the lawyer will keep a huge chunk of change.
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