Powerball Lottery Winner Pays Overdue Child Support

The winner of the $338 million Powerball lottery on Monday paid $29,000 in overdue child-support payments, a debt that dated back four years, New Jersey authorities said.

Pedro Quezada, 44, informed state Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela that he had paid off the debt, which was the subject of a 2009 warrant, officials said.

“It’s no longer a live warrant. It was resolved with the court today,” said William Maer, a spokesman for the Passaic County, New Jersey, Sheriff’s office.

It was not immediately clear how many of Quezada’s five children were covered by the outstanding child support payments.

Quezada, a married immigrant from the Dominican Republic, owns a convenience store called the Apple Deli Grocery in Passaic. He put the property up for sale after winning the big prize.

He claimed his winnings last week, electing to take a lump sum payment of $221 million, which comes to $152 million after taxes. His award is the fourth-largest payout in Powerball history.
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